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Happy Birthday Dov

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Our Friend Dov inspired this random act of treats!  So enjoy a donut on his behalf, they were out of cupcakes!


This is chemo week, and tomorrow is my birthday (40th for those counting) – yet another day I never ever thought I’d be alive for. But here I sit, 6 and a half years from diagnosis, full of tumors, recovering from yesterday’s chemo, and it looks like I might have actually survived long enough to have a mid-life end-of-life crisis…

It won’t take you long, it will make you and those you interact with happy, and it will be a cool story to tell. Remember, when you are 80, you won’t remember that one day that you went and did the exact same thing that you did the day before, but you WILL remember the awesome day you went and passed out cupcakes at the shelter, or at infusion, or at the hospital, you WILL remember the surprised faces and the wide smiles.

The most important part is this: that you surprise people who are having a rough day, that you bring a moment of joy, a moment surprise, a moment of unexpected kindness to someone. Even if its just one cupcake that you leave on the desk of that co-worker that is going through a tough time, do something – you will feel better for it, I promise, and they will too

So help me make today a special day – wherever you are, take a few minutes out of your day, get a few cupcakes, throw on something crazy, and go and make someone’s day better, then post photos and encourage others to do it do. It would be an awesome birthday present for me, and in some small way, a bunch of us together can make the world just a little bit better.

Forget unhappiness, Forget pain, we’ve got cupcakes! *somewhat sensored*

Note for those who don’t know who I am:

For those who do know me, the preceding request makes some sense…for those who don’t, here is a short summary for those who are wondering just who the hell I am:

My name is Dov Siporin, I’m a terminal cancery guy, a husband and father of two who has done 6,300 hours of chemo so far, 3 months of radiation, 8 surgeries, and a whole lot of…interesting cancer-related things since I was diagnosed: I’ve run a marathon on chemo, run multiple 180-mile relay races on chemo and with other cancer patients, brought a stripper into chemo for a friend, brought a friend dressed up as the grim reaper into chemo to chase me around and then get beat up(with foam swords) by other patients. I regularly pass out candy to other patients in chemo when I’m there getting treatment. I figure, If I’m gonna die soon, then dangit, I’m going to enjoy what time I have.



You can find Dov on the Cancer Rehabilitation Centers facebook page, Trust us you want to be friends with this guy!

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